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Brian S. Arrington was born and raised in Erie, Pa. where he graduated from Strong Vincent High School. After graduation, Brian attended Gannon University majoring in business management. Brian also served three plus years in the United States Army as a Light Infantry Scout (Recon) Team Leader. While in the US Army, he earned a Combat Infantrymen’s Badge and three Army Achievement Medals for meritorious service.


Brian has over 28 years of Law Enforcement experience. Brian spent approximately 11 years with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department. While with the Sheriff’s Department Brian held several different jobs. Brian was the C.I.R.T. Team Leader (Critical Incident Response Team), the Internal Affairs Unit Supervisor, the Programs Unit Supervisor, the Jail Custody Supervisor and Criminal Investigator.


Presently, Brian is a Pennsylvania State Trooper. He has been a Trooper for 17 plus years. Currently, Brian is assigned to the Equality and Inclusion Office as the Troop E Recruitment Coordinator. Along with recruiting, he also works as an Instructor at the State Police Training Center and Physical Readiness Coordinator (Personal Trainer).


Brian is a certified 6th degree black belt. U.S. Army Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, trained in advance police ground defense, National Sport karate competitor and Former State Fighting Champion. Brian has appeared in movies, music videos and plays. Brian has written articles detailing aspects sport karate. Brian has been awarded numerous awards in the sport karate world. 2010 IFMA Tournament Coordinator of the year, 2010 Carolina Open Hall of Fame Award Winner, 2012 NBL Hall of fame Award Winner, 2016 NBL Arbitrator of the Year, 2018 Grand Slam Nationals Hall of Fame Award Winner.


Brian has also been recognized by the NAACP and Positive Youth Development for his community Service with Erie’s inner city kids.


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