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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Brian S. Arrington, a State Trooper with over 28 years of Law Enforcement experience. Approximately 15 years ago I was given the opportunity to give back to the inner-city area of Erie, Pennsylvania where I grew up. The Weed & Seed Program was requesting Police Officers become involved with inner city kids. Seizing the opportunity I decided to take this challenge and mentor inner city children. I along with Sheriff’s Deputy Martin Davis we created Trinity Karate Organization.

Trinity Karate Organization was created with several goals in mind. (18) Create a safe interactive neighborhood youth program (4) Create a caring neighborhood atmosphere. (7) Show that the neighborhood values it youth. (10) Ensure youth feel safe at home, school and in the neighborhood. (14) Give youth positive adult role models. (16) Adults, teachers set goals and encourages high expectations for youth. (17) Give youth a creative activity to participate in.

One aspect of the Weed & Seed Program brings Police officers into the inner city to work with “At Risk Kids.” The interaction between police and the youth creates a positive influence in the community. There are many more positive developmental assets that are supported by the Trinity Karate Organization such as youth accepts and takes personal responsibility. Youth are given clear rules and consequences. Youth are encouraged to be optimistic about his/her personal future. Youth feel he/she has control over “things that Happen to me.” Youth are comfortable and have knowledge of people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds.

Trinity Karate Organization Core Values  







*40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

Trinity Karate Organization has received numerous award and honors including by not limited to the Asset Organization Award “Ignite the Spark” from Positive Youth Development. TKO-Erie received this award for the success made while working with inner city kids. Also, in 2017 TKO-Erie was recognized by the National Blackbelt League as one of the Top 25 Sport Karate Schools in the World!

our mission

To create and train a well-rounded Martial artist. TKO-Erie will give both children and adults an edge in life by teaching them how to develop and maintain a sound body and mind, which are critical to getting the most out of life. This, together with increased confidence, focus, determination and self-discipline will not only make an individual a great martial artist but also give children and adults an added advantage at home and in life.

TKO-Erie is under the direct instruction of:

Master Brian S. Arrington

Certified 6th Degree Black Belt, Member of the Blackbelt Hall of Fame,

Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, U.S. Army Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, National Sport Karate Competitor and former State Fighting Champion.


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